Get More Web Traffic for Free with Traffic Ad Bar

Get Free Web Traffic with Traffic Ad Bar

Make more money online with more visits to your links!

I have joined Traffic Ad Bar to get more free web traffic to my links and online opportunities. Not all visits will end up in sign-ups or sales, or course. However, this is free, and easy to do. You get points from visiting the websites of others. I often visit an average of 100 websites per day! Depending on how much time I have, of course. Points are good for 3 months, and do not start over every day.

Before you think that takes too much time, let me tell you how I do it. I work on my PC, usually several hours daily. I open more than one tab, then I click on a URL in the Traffic Ad Bar dashboard. While the timer counts down for the length of the visit, (10 seconds), I do something else in the second tab. Not hard to do = gets efficient!

There are free and paid member levels available. I did upgrade to the lowest member level, as I get more points/traffic that way. The first month you can get a discount. Monthly after this I will be paying $10 per month. Every 25 sites I visit I get a bonus, up to 500 points! It adds up quickly!

First 25 sites = 100 bonus points,
50 sites = 200 bonus points, 
75 sites = 300 bonus points, 
100 sites = 400 bonus points, 
125 sites = 500 bonus points!!!

There are several great options available for advertising your links, including getting more visits/points by placing the 'ad bar' on your own Wordpress website, if you have one. Even works on Blogger. I am doing this too.

My web traffic stats so far. I have not been a member for a full month yet, so these numbers will be much higher at the end of June. The referral option is also a potential way to earn some $$ if they upgrade to paid members.

Update July 4th, 2015

My only full month has been June, since I joined the end of May.
Take note of the hits for June. Quite good at close to 5K hits!

 NOTE: I surf an average of
50 to 100 websites daily to get these stats.

Update below: Over 6,000 Hits for July 2015!

If you've seen enough, 
you may Join Below :)

October 31, 2015

I have less hits this month because I was viewing less sites.
But still getting steady sign ups, now up to 21 Referrals.

January 2016 Update:

I am still viewing and average of 75 
websites daily, see my stats below.

I even get some commissions now :)

It pays to remain consistent, and not give up too quickly!
Commissions get paid to Paypal at the end of each month.

*Results vary according to action taken.




This is what Traffic Ad Bar says: 


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Darren Merrett
Traffic Ad Bar
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