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to Earn Residual Commissions

What does every business need to succeed? Every person wanting to be successful? They need leads! And they need those leads to convert into buyers! What is even better than unlimited free leads? If those leads also generate monthly commissions! 

Residual commissions are the bread and butter of success. It means you are not working harder, but smarter. Residual income will be paid to you again and again, without you needing to work to bring in 100% new customers every month.

That is what the Lead Lightening System was set up to do. Since the basic plan is 100% free, it allows ANYONE to be able to sign up and begin using the free capture pages immediately to start getting leads.

When do the commissions start? When you upgrade to a paid member you can get commissions. You will get paid when anyone, who signs up through your lead capture page, upgrades to a paid member. You will get paid up to the level of membership you have.

For example, if you choose to upgrade to the one time payment of $7, you can get commissions of one time payments. If you upgrade to Silver or Gold Membership, you pay a monthly fee, and that also allows you to earn monthly commissions from any of your sign ups that upgrade to to Silver (or Gold).

As you get more upgraded members in your team, the residual income really starts adding up! Begin to build a business that pays you again and again. Build it once, get paid forever! The value of a quality leads system is beyond your imagination! The detailed video below will tell you more.

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