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My Paying Ads is a viral advertising, revenue sharing site which delivers high quality, Pro traffic within a short time-frame of your advertisement being placed. You get 120% ROI on all packs. No memberships to pay on Level 1!

Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads/sales for your programs/products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution! >> Keep reading below for my Winning 1-2-3 Strategy to build a fool-proof system in revenue sharing sites! 

MPA also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefits to you. The ad pack plans are prepared thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. 

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  • Revenue Sharing For Every Ad-pack, up to 120% Rewards.
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  • Earnings from Paid-to-View Ads!
  • No Membership Fees for Level 1!
  • 10% Referral Commissions!

Please make sure you see my username: mini100biz  
on the registration page when you begin signing up.


See My Winning 1-2-3 Strategy Below!

I got this strategy from a very successful revenue sharing 'master'. Since I have started following it, I have made more money, more consistentlyThis is how it works:  You start off with one site, and build it up to a level where you can begin withdrawing some $$$ while still maintaining your level.

Then you join a second site, using the money withdrawn from the first site, and build the second site up, same as the first. Repeat again, joining a third site, using money withdrawn from the second site. This strategy can help you spend less out of your pocket to get started in business, and can be repeated for more than 3 sites. 

Three of these solid sites, growing in the way described, is a good start to daily earnings that can maintain and grow according to your needs. But do be careful to choose quality, dependable sites, as there are hundreds of sites, but many of them fail within 3 to 5 months. See mine below, they are all doing really well.

I have chosen my 3 winning sites:

MyPayingAds - paying since March 2015 = 120% ROI ... scroll on down to join me below!

MyPayingCryptoAds - new site by MPA, Bitcoin ONLY = with up to 120% ROI  > > Click here for MyPayingCryptoAds 

Merchant Shares - trusted since 2007 = 150% ROI  >> Click here for Merchant Shares.


My personal progress in MPA:

I started out small, with what I could afford. I added more funds as I could. My total funds added from pocket is $250.   

I started withdrawing weekly now - with 125 active packs, 
I am withdrawing an average of $12 per week.

 October 27th, 2016 update:

 I have withdrawn
all my seed money, and am in profit now.

DECEMBER 2016 Update :)

I am withdrawing every week now.

Disclaimer: Results not typical. This proof of income is not a guarantee you will earn the same, but it is possible to earn this, and more, with equal (or greater) strategy and work ethic.

Please make sure you see my username: mini100biz  
on the registration page when you begin signing up.

Come, enjoy success with me!

Please make sure you see my username: mini100biz  
on the registration page when you begin signing up.