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Like many other individuals who make money online, I am always looking for more traffic sources. And if it's free, I won't hesitate to give it a try! I started with RelmaxTop a few weeks ago, and must say I have been pleasantly surprised!

With no additional work after the first job of setting up your account, you can get daily web traffic for free. I have been getting 50 to 100 daily visitors, with no extra effort or time on my part! You add your site(s) to their Directory, and their traffic counter to your blog, that's it!

There are also paid upgrades available for more options. It is very affordable if you decide to upgrade. I have now upgraded and am happy I did. You can add more sites, etc, when you upgrade.

I find this site a real blessing, since I already use other sites for traffic that require me to do daily tasks to get my traffic. You can only do so many of those daily tasks before it takes too much time :)

RelmaxTop. Free powerful counter for your website

Unique Features:

With the unique features of RelmaxTop you can:

Promote your Web site in our Directory:
Unlike other directories, our directory provides a direct link to your site. You will not only get traffic from our site, but you will also receive a reciprocal link to your site. This will help you get higher rankings in search engines.

Browse Directory for interesting Web sites:
We manually review all Web sites submitted to our Site Directory. That is why bad sites or sites under construction are rejected upon submission to our Directory.

Get detailed statistics, votes, reviews and site availability monitoring service for your web site:
We track detailed visits and pageviews of your Web site by hours (for current day only), yesterday, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, and even for one year. You will be amazed by our detailed statistics for the popular and entry pages of your Web site, referring sites including search engines, search keywords, interactive visitor map, browsers, operating systems, screens and mobile devices of your site visitors, changes in your site ranking and much more.

Also, your site visitors will be able to vote and submit their reviews for your site with just one click. Furthermore, you can always decide whether you want to receive such feedback or not. Also, if our monitoring system detects that your website is down, you will receive notification to the specified email address about that.

Plus… Earn real money referring other members:
You earn up to 40% commissions from all purchases of our paid plans made by your referrals:
10% as a Starter (free plan by default),
20% as an Advanced member (Current price is $6.45 per month),
30% as a Professional member ($11.95 per month),
40% as a Super member ($17.95 per month).

Some of the most commonly asked questions:

 How does this site work?

We provide URL shortening, tracking and site rotator services with integrated detailed statistics and optional feedback of your link(s).

Also, if you place the RelmaxTop counter on your web site, you will receive detailed statistics and feedback of your site, as well as can monitor your site availability, list and rank your web site in our Directory using the number of visitors, feedback and votes you get through the counter.

How do I start?

1) Add your link(s) on the member's home page;
2) Choose your plan;
3) Specify your link details and customize your tracker/counter;
4) Start sending visits to your tracking link or insert the HTML code of your RelmaxTop counter to your web site's pages.

How can I benefit from your program?

In addition to our link tracking and URL shortener services, free powerful counter, site availability monitoring service and listing in our Directory you will earn up to 40% commissions from all purchases of our paid plans made by your referrals:

10% as a Starter (free plan by default),
20% as an Advanced member (Current price is $6.45 per month),
30% as a Professional member ($11.95 per month),
40% as a Super member ($17.95 per month).

For example, if you are a Super member and a member referred by you purchases our Professional plan, you will receive $4.78 (40% of $11.95) to your account balance every month on autopilot (residual) until your referral decides to cancel his subscription to this Professional plan. The exact commission depends on your current plan as well. For example, if you decide to change your plan or downgrade, your future commissions will automatically be adjusted according to your new account plan.

As an upgraded member you also receive a variety of unique features and you can submit more links and store your stats data on our servers for up to one year.

How can I receive my earned money?

The minimum payout amount is only $5.00. We pay through PayPal system. Payouts are normally done within 5-7 business days after a request has been placed. You can submit your payout request in the right column of the Members home page.

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