How to Get More Referrals for Free on Facebook

How to Get More Referrals via Facebook

This is my personal write-up on how to get more referrals for free, using Facebook. I did not start out with any specific plan to do this, but as my FB friends’ list grew, I began building good relationships with those new friends. Individuals who were in the same niches I was. I saw that adding real value to others’ lives began bringing me some good results in my online business.

I have written down what has worked for me, so it can help others. There is no guarantee, of course, that this will work for you like it worked for me. Results will vary according to how much true effort is put into it, as well at the quality of that effort. Daily efforts count more than what you do once per week!

The KEY to all of this is QUALITY!!!

And NO spamming anyone with your links!!


When you can begin seeing new friends as people instead of more $$$, you are on the right track!! Being successful is really about people, not money. When you have the right quality of people, and are adding real value to their lives, the money will follow as a natural result.
How to Build Your Friends List on Facebook:
Many people say, “I cannot get referrals, 
I am just not good at recruiting.” 

Two main reasons for this:  

One: your current circle of friends are not in the right niche - this is the reason you need to build more friends that ARE interested in what you are doing. This works in more than just the ‘make money online’ niche.  

Two: Their focus is all wrong, when they are trying to recruit, they are only thinking of ‘GETTING’ people into their biz…. that is NOT where all this begins.. success begins with RELATIONSHIPS!

To build up your FB friends to include a LOT more people, learn how to communicate well - this will really help you. Join some relevant, closed, FB biz Groups, but NOT to post your biz links… this is to begin finding new friends. 

Doing any posting of links in biz groups will get you blacklisted, and will void this complete process of building up quality friends - no one likes spammers. As you begin becoming involved in FB Groups, you will also get friend requests.

The purpose of joining a ‘closed’ group instead of a public group is that the quality of people is better, and they are not there only to promote their own biz, so they are more open to making new friends. When you are a member of several groups, you need to begin getting your name out there (not your biz)!
Begin adding value to the group by posting welcome messages to other new members, giving congrats to people on their success, and earning the respect of the other members of the group. After doing this for a few days, you may begin requesting the friendships of some members in the group.  

You may not get accepted by everyone, but the goal here is not to build a HUGE list of low quality people, but to gain real friends who may be open and willing to check out your biz in the future. AGAIN, the goal is to gain quality friends - them joining your biz will come later. 

That cannot be your number one focus… and this is a process that should not be rushed. Good things can easily be ruined if you move too fast. (and it is NEVER ok to send your biz link to a brand new FB friend, UNLESS they ask you for it.)

>>> The place you will mainly be promoting your biz will be on your OWN FB Timeline/Wall. One BIG Tip!! Post other, non-business, friendly things on your wall too! People like to see you are real, not only about biz. When I go look at someone’s FB wall, I am turned off if I see nothing but promoting of their biz.  

There is a healthy balance to find here: Do not be shy about what you are doing... if you believe your biz is good, then prove it by posting screenshots of your earnings, stats, etc on your FB Timeline. This works great, but ONLY after you have started building up your friends... until you add more people to your friends list, not many people will see your screenshots :)

Once you have started increasing your friends by using the biz groups technique, you can also begin to keep an eye out for people you admire, etc, elsewhere on FB who are in the same niche you are, and request them to be friends. FB will begin suggesting friends to you that are in the same niche, with mutual friends -  

TIP:  on the right side of your FB, you can often see friend suggestions for many who have mutual friends... online biz becomes a lot more profitable when you can collect a few loyal referrals... and then teach them how to get some referrals of their own... People will thank you for this!



Getting referrals is only half of it - the other half is helping them get started. Begin building a good relationship with them, if you have not done so before. 

This is easier if you already have them in your FB friends. (if not, you usually have their email, and can contact them that way) If you are not comfortable doing this, just remember, they are thankful for your help!!!

Contact them via FB chat or email, welcome them, and congratulate them on making a good choice in deciding to join you. Ask them if they would like you to add them to the biz FB Group. 

After they are in the group, post a warm welcome message in the group, tag them by name, and make them feel good about joining. Remember to be honest in your compliments - fake flattery does not ring true.

Your work is not done yet! You also need to make sure they know how the biz works, and answer all their questions. This is a good time for you to learn more about the biz you are in if they ask you something you do not know the answer too. 

You can tell them you do not know, but that you will find out for them :) There is nothing wrong with letting them see that you do not know everything, but that you are willing to learn more, and to take the time to find out for them....

Remember, they will be taking your example in reaching out to referrals of their own - so give them a good example to follow. Some people will need a lot more help than others. Be prepared to be patient beyond normal requirements. 

It really does pay well in the end. Often people who like you will continue to join other biz under you... and remember to teach them how to get their own referrals if they need the help... and a LOT of people do :)

I am no pro...  I make no claims to be better at this than anyone else. I don't have hundreds of referrals... but I am looking at building quality, not quantity. I would rather help a few people become successful than have hundreds making a few pennies. 

This idea can be taught easily to those who sign up with you in any biz. It is time to become a leader and build for success! You will benefit by any efforts you put into this :)

And remember, treat people like they have a heart, not a dollar sign, on the middle of their forehead :) People do not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care! 

Learn how to become sociable, it really pays off!


Cheers, you can do this!


P.S. When I first started out in learning how to make money online, I had less than 500 friends on Facebook. Using the methods I outlined in this post, I am now nearing 4,000 friends. FB friends max out at 5,000 :)

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