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Facebook Auto Poster Free Download 

Have you ever wondered how some marketers seem to get so much done in one day? Well, the secret is, they are using tools to automate their business, such as a Facebook Auto Poster that allows them to join and post to many FB Groups in one day.

I have had an eye out for a good auto-poster for some time now, but had not found any that were affordable or easy to use. In comes Ninja Blaster... upon the recommendation of a friend, I took advantage of the free download, and gave it a try.

Yes, it does take a few minutes to figure out, but there is really great support and lots of video tutorials that show how it works. I was joining groups and posting to them within the first day! As with anything, give it some time to learn how to use it best.

Unlike using an app, or some other types of auto-posters, Ninja Blaster is undetectable with human-like actions and will not get you banned. (use it wisely of course - don't join more than 1 to 15 groups in a day, and allow some time in between, same goes for posting to groups, etc)

– Amazing Ninja Features And Undetectable –

  • Post To Groups You’re A Member Of
  • Select Groups You Want To Post To
  • Select Single Image Or Multiple Image Posts
  • Post A Simple Status Update
  • Select The Delay Between Each Post
  • Add unlimited Facebook Accounts
  • Sleep function to make breaks
  • Export Groups
  • Import Groups
  • Tag A Friend
  • Post A Link
  • Customize Your Preview Pic
  • Post A Video
  • Amazing Share Feature (Videos&Pics)
  • Deluxe Keyword Related Group Finder
  • Join Groups By Amount Of Members
  • Unjoin Groups
  • Unjoin Groups By Amount Of Members
  • Run Unlimited Projects
  • Add Friends To Groups
  • Post Bumper Pro
  • Bump Your Posts
  • Delete The Comment After Bump
  • Comment On Latest Posts In Groups
  • Friend Poster
  • Pause And Resume Feature
  • Repost Feature
  • Repost Failed Posts
  • Share Posts Feature
  • Post Deleter
  • Sort Your Groups By Privacy Settings
  • Post On Sales Groups Supported
  • Bulk Email Sender
  • Keyword Related FB Mail Finder
  • Gmail Scraper
  • Gmail Bulk Sender
  • Business Finder
  • Content Finder (Pictures)
  • Free Proxy Finder
  • Photo Resizer
  • Keyword Research And Suggestion Tool
  • Find Keywords From Google,Bing,Yahoo,Ebay…
  • Comment On FB Fanpages You Liked
  • Keyword Related Auto Liker
  • Facebook Fanpage Admin Features
  • Update Your Fanpages
  • Schedule Posts To Your Fanpage
  • Generate A Fake Conversation
  • Share Your Photos
  • Start Your Promotion Now
  • Post Your Pictures To Pinterest
  • Share Your Pinterest Post To FB Groups
  • Pin Sharer
  • SPINTAX Supported
  • Random Posting Support
  • Outstanding Support
  • No Stupid Facebook App Needed
  • Undetectable
  • Simulates Human Activity
  • No Footprints
  • All On Autopilot

  • Here are screenshots of when I was 
    using the FB Group Joiner, and the Group Poster:

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