Make Money Online With Forex

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Earn Online With Forex - Passive Income

Earn Bitcoins - Up to 10% weekly

Since I first started looking into making money online in 2011, I have seen and tried many different business models and programs. I have lost and earned thousands. There is nothing 100% secure under the sun, including your day job. What I have found is this: It is 100% possible to make money online - you just need to know where to look and who to trust....

While I still earn from several different types of programs, managed Forex funds are fast becoming one of my favorites. The two main reasons are; it is 100% passive income. After I invest, I get paid every week without doing anything else. And the earnings do not have a 'limit' or ceiling like they have in many other programs, (such as revenue sharing sites).

I invested in my first managed Forex fund in 2016. When I saw the potential, I soon invested in a second one, which is EEC. Elite Earners Club was created in November 2016. I watched it grow and saw many of my trusted Facebook friends investing in EEC. After being connected with these friends for several years, I have come to trust their advice/actions. So I made the leap and invested too.

My first investment was $100, and I got my 
first week's 10% from it.  See above.

Now I made another deposit of $800, see below:

My first EEC payment into my BTC Wallet is below!

I now changed my account to 50% Compounding -
meaning I will get paid half of my profits every week,
while the other half gets re-invested to grow my earnings.

Disclaimer: Results not typical. This proof of income is not a guarantee you will earn the same, but it is possible to earn this, and more, with equal (or greater) strategy and work ethic.


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[The website does not include specific details about EEC]

To learn more about how EEC, keep reading below!


The EEC Facebook Group is where all the members and owners connect and get the latest news, updates, and weekly trading reports. The group is 'Secret', (to keep it safer), so you need to be added by an existing member of the group before you can find it on FB. Connect with me here and request to be added to the group:

What is EEC and how does it work?

Elite Earners Club is a Forex fund, where you can start investing with as low as $100 and earn up-to 15% profit share per week. For now, two tiers of investment are being introduced which are as follows. 

Tier 1:
Minimum Investment: $100
Maximum Investment: $10,000
Weekly profit share: Up-to 10% per week

Tier 2:
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Maximum Investment: $100,000
Weekly profit: Up-to 15% per week 

 + Payments are sent to your processor automatically, usually every Friday. (unless you choose to compound your profits, then they get automatically re-invested)

For more details, see FAQ below.

You can join me by clicking below to register on the website.
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Q: Is it a Ponzi based program?
A: NO. Only real profits generated will be shared with investors.
Q: Is BTC your deposit currency?
A: NO. Deposit currency is USD and BTC is only used to transact money smoothly. Appreciation or depreciation in the value of BTC after you have made the deposit will not effect your deposit in any way. Conversion rate at the time of deposit applies.
Q: What happens if we make more then 10% profits in Tier one or more then 15% profits in Tier 2?
A: Extra profits will be used to pay referral commissions, announce incentives and pay the trader/s for their hard work. We will also add a percentage to our insurance fund which we intend to launch in near future to protect our investors.
Q: If I start with an investment in Tier 1 with 100% compounding or partial compounding and at some point my total investment reaches/crosses $10,000, will my funds be moved to Tier 2?
A: Yes. As soon as your total investment reaches/crosses $10,000 your funds will be moved to Tier 2 and you will be notified by Email.
Q: Is there a lock on investments?
A: Yes. All investments will be locked for 10 weeks after the date of deposit. Meaning deposits can not be withdrawn for first 10 weeks. (profits can be withdrawn right away)
Q: Why use only Bitcoin and not other payment processors?
A: Payment processors are expensive to use. If we use other payment processors we will end up paying between 3% to 9% transaction fees. Exchange fees which starts from 5-7% is on top of that. We want your deposits to reach our trading account with 0% deductions, the only way to do that is to use Bitcoin. As there is almost 0% transaction fees and No exchange fee as it BTC is accepted by our broker.
Q: Is profit share guaranteed?
A: No. We'll do our best each week to make targeted profits, but we may not be able to produce targeted profits in weeks where Market acts abnormally.
Q: Are my funds secured?
A: We'll take minimum risks while trading to protect our investors funds, but this opportunity is not completely risk free YET. I said yet, as I have planned to form an insurance fund for our members in the coming weeks which will help secure your investments.

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You can join me by clicking below to register on the website.
Be sure to check your spam folder in your email after 
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